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NAMC-Oregon is a nonprofit community-based organization whose mission is to advocate and support design and construction-related businesses owned by People of Color.

We provide business development through education, training, and cultivate relationships with owners and prime contractors that will afford them greater opportunities to compete for work on construction projects in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

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Advanced Tribal, LLC

“I knew right then that I was home.  It was validation.  I didn’t have to fight this fight, learn this thing, or walk alone in it.  There are others that are walking right alongside me, maybe a little bit further, maybe half a step back but we’re all on the same path together.  And NAMC has always been there on every phone call, question, or introduction, and then some… it’s really a reflection of NAMC’s integrity. There are just so many words that can’t even touch what NAMC means to the success of our people.”

Leon Araiza, Owner of Advanced Tribal LLC

Leon Araiza


Advanced Tribal, LLC

Member Benefits

Relationship Building

NAMC-Oregon connects Members with Partners and other companies in the industry to build healthy and sustainable relationships and increase project participation.


Project Opportunities

NAMC-Oregon assists Members in identifying opportunities on projects and provide support in accessing those opportunities.

Technical Support

NAMC-Oregon provides technical support services that include group training, one-on-one assistance, and mentoring to ensure that our Members have the technical savvy to compete in the market successfully.

Business Support

NAMC-Oregon provides business support services that include business management, human resources, back office support and administration, financial forecasting, and marketing, to ensure that our Members have the tools to work ON their business, in addition to working IN their business.

Space Sharing

NAMC-Oregon offers flexible workspaces for our Members to hold meetings, take conference calls, or work in a satellite location away from their home offices.

Member Marketing

NAMC-Oregon includes Members in various communications, including regular emails to our distribution lists which includes Partners, local public agencies, and companies from across the state. In addition, we have New Member Spotlights in our NAMC Quarterly Newsletter, regularly post about our Members on our social media, and include their logo and website link on the NAMC website.

Thank you to our NAMC Partners for your continued support.

NAMC-Oregon Partner

Partner Benefits

Relationship Building

NAMC-Oregon connects Partners with Members and other companies owned by People of Color to increase their pool of subcontractors and to build valuable relationships.

Equitable Contracting

NAMC-Oregon assists Partners in identifying and implementing procurement methods that will result in increased utilization of companies owned by People of Color.

Project Outreach

NAMC-Oregon provides a platform for Partners to disseminate upcoming project information to secure more competition through increased bidder participation.

Partner Recognition

NAMC-Oregon includes Partners in our Quarterly Newsletter through the Partner Spotlights spread, which includes an article on a recent project or endeavor and photos, as well as regular social media posts and updates in our monthly e-News alerts.

Get Involved

NAMC Members Only Meetings

NAMC-Oregon holds meetings every other month that is limited to the participation of NAMC Members in order to create a space that is centered on the experiences of People of Color in the industry and to provide feedback to NAMC on items of particular importance or urgency for NAMC’s advocacy and support.

NAMC Virtual Office Hours

NAMC-Oregon hosts virtual Office Hours over Zoom every Friday for two hours from 10 am to 12 noon to provide a space for guidance, feedback, and shared learning on any issues that are brought into the space. Office Hours is open to anyone and if needed, a separate private breakout room can be provided to assess issues that are sensitive or private.

NAMC General Meetings

NAMC-Oregon holds meetings every other month that includes Members and Partners as well as any other companies in the construction industry or those companies tangential to construction, to learn about NAMC’s current work, and upcoming project opportunities presented by Partners, and to continue to build community and relationships.

Community Prosperity

Get direct access to contracts, jobs, sustainability, and resources for hiring certified minorities and women through our Emerging Small Business (MWESB) Directory.

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