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The Terminal Core Redevelopment (TCORE) project, the largest renovation project at Portland International Airport, is being carried out by the Hoffman Skanska Joint Venture, formed by Hoffman Construction Co. and Skanska USA. Project Director Jeff Lage provided an update on the project’s progress and discussed the formation of the joint venture and their efforts to promote diversity on the jobsite.

How is work on TCORE going?

The final design elements are coming together as scheduled, despite the challenges of working within an operational airport. The teams involved have prioritized public safety and minimized disruptions to travelers and airport operations.

Our phased approach to the project, including the construction of bypass corridors and the prefabrication of the new roof structure, has had a positive impact on our construction progress. Although there is still a long way to go, we are pleased with the progress achieved so far.

What is it like teaming up with a major competitor, and are there cultural or professional hurdles you had to overcome to make this JV work?

Teaming up with a major competitor for a project of this magnitude, like TCORE, has been a highly positive experience. We have recognized the presence of obstacles, but we have emphasized the importance of operating as a unified entity: Hoffman Skanska. By cross-populating teams with individuals from both joint venture partners, we have fostered a cohesive work environment and strengthened team chemistry.

One of the major challenges we faced was integrating technologies and learning to operate within the same platform. However, we have actively addressed this challenge and have made significant progress in overcoming it.

The JV is doing really creative and impressive work to get some great diversity numbers. What are you doing to make this jobsite as diverse as possible?

Our journey exemplifies the potential that arises when we maintain a dedicated focus on developing a diverse workforce and creating opportunities for small businesses. To date, our team has successfully contracted and awarded over $200 million in small business opportunities, with a significant portion of these contracts being awarded to minority-owned firms. We take great pride in this accomplishment, and we have additional projects in the pipeline where we aim to continue this positive trend.

Given the unique and challenging nature of this project in terms of its size, complexity, and duration, we recognize the importance of close collaboration with the Port and support groups like NAMC-OR. Together, we work diligently to identify the most suitable opportunities and reserve specific work packages for firms to compete on. We provide clear and detailed descriptions of the available work and effectively communicate the project requirements to interested firms, aiming to support their success. Additionally, we are actively offering mentoring opportunities to foster relationships and provide valuable on-site project experience.