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Ground To Crown Market Ready Service Portland's premiere cleaning and assisting company, We set high standards and guarantee our work to your satisfaction! Ground To Crown Market Ready service was Established 2010 in Portland,OR Family-Owned and Operated.Magdalene Salinas recognized the demand for a service that prepares properties for sale due to her familial ties to several real estate agents. Around 14 years ago, she established a cleaning company that has since evolved to offer a wide range of services, including painting, residential and commercial remodeling, interior and exterior window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and dumping and hauling of unwanted items.

Ground to Crown primarily serves Realtors, homeowners, and property managers who require market-ready cleaning services. These services encompass deep cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning, and other cleanings that ensure spaces are photo-ready. Salinas derives satisfaction from witnessing the remarkable transformations that properties undergo as a result of thorough cleaning.

Salinas recognizes the value of her NAMC-OR membership in expanding her business. She encourages other entrepreneurs to overcome hesitations and take bold steps forward, emphasizing that everyone is continuously learning in the process.