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Joanna Harrison was a young stay-at-home mom and spent a decade working in administrative, management and supervisory rolls before deciding she wanted more freedom and set out to get her real estate license.

She achieved that goal in 2018, starting her own residential real estate company. Just six months later, she added commercial real estate to her portfolio. She found she enjoyed it much more than residential real estate and took the leap into practicing commercial real estate full time.

Today her company has one employee and Harrison specializes in representing, consulting and educating the BIPOC community, women and others with their commercial real estate and business needs.

“My passion is to ensure that there is a place for everyone to go that will serve their commercial real estate needs, even if they are new to the business,” she said, adding that ranges from listing their property, leasing a space for their business and buying their own building.

“My main goal is providing access and education to empower others to ensure they can make educated decisions for themselves and their businesses,” Harrison said. “I like helping my clients connect the dots and achieve their business goals and dreams while also educating and empowering them.”

Since starting her own business, Harrison has learned to have patience and trust the process, stay present each day and not give up, even when things seem impossible. She also advises hiring experts when needed because sometimes peace of mind is more valuable than control.

Harrison noted that she joined NAMC-Oregon because she knew it would strengthen her business. “It benefits me and my company because I get to spread the word about the work I am doing while also getting resources and education to those who need it and deserve the access just as much as anyone else.”