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Having a background as a former wildland firefighter, Jarell Lambert is well acquainted with hard work. His curiosity about how things function and how to repair them sparked an interest in the construction industry when people began discussing it with him.

Lambert embarked on a four-year apprenticeship to learn carpentry, and after gaining approximately five years of construction experience, he decided to venture into entrepreneurship and establish his own company in February of the previous year.

Motivated by his observations of how companies were managed and employees were treated, Lambert aimed to foster a positive atmosphere, fairness, and financial stability. He wanted to contribute to the well-being of the community and provide for his family.

Sky NW Construction, Lambert’s company, specializes in framing, finish work, renovations, remodels, and concrete services for both residential and commercial construction projects. As a general contractor/subcontractor, Lambert currently employs three individuals, including a former co-worker from a previous contracting employer. He selected his co-worker based on their integrity, strong work ethic, and complementary skill set. Lambert places great importance on choosing team members who collaborate effectively.

Running a business while simultaneously working on projects poses its challenges, but Lambert finds it rewarding to build relationships with clients and deliver completed projects that satisfy their needs. Witnessing the satisfaction of clients who appreciate his work brings him a sense of fulfillment.

Lambert feels fortunate to have received guidance from experienced contractors who started their careers similarly to him, as well as exceptional instructors during his apprenticeship who provided valuable advice that he now shares with others. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to take the time to understand how the business operates and strive to implement successful strategies from those they admire.

NAMC-OR Executive Director Nate McCoy has been instrumental in assisting Lambert throughout his journey. From assisting Lambert’s transition from a non-union apprenticeship to a unionized program early in his career, McCoy has consistently proven to be reliable and attentive to Lambert’s needs.

Sky NW Construction became a member of NAMC-OR in February, and Lambert immediately reaped the benefits of membership. The organization’s team has been invaluable in assisting him with website integration, providing contract leads and work opportunities, and maintaining a reliable and supportive network.

Lambert acknowledges his gratitude to the Most High and extends his appreciation to the individuals outside the industry who have provided unwavering support.