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EC Electric

EC Electric is part of a growing cohort of companies that are eager to join forces with NAMC-OR, acknowledging that such collaboration will enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion not only within their own organization but also throughout the industry as a whole. Anne Tyler, EC’s diversity manager, and Andrew Beyer, the CEO, have expressed their perspectives on this partnership and their aspirations for the future.

What would you like NAMC-OR to know about your company?

EC Electric is a firm that values the significance of respect and integrity. By intentionally embodying these principles, they establish trust, which in turn fosters enhanced opportunities, quality, and performance. As a prominent electrical contractor in the region, EC Electric recognizes their duty to promote diversity within the workforce and the industry as a whole. They take immense pride in delivering top-notch work to their clients and continuously seek opportunities to engage in meaningful partnerships within the construction sector.

Why did your company choose to partner with NAMC-Oregon?

Our partnership with NAMC-Oregon is beneficial for NAMC contractors, our bottom line, our industry, and it is our obligation as a member of the community. We want to build profound connections across industry.

How does your organization support NAMC-Oregon?

There are many construction projects EC pursues that require levels of involvement from subcontractors who qualify as MWESB or BIPOC businesses. We often surpass these minimum requirements. Beyond meeting a goal of the client, these relationships benefit our business objectives and our company culture. There is value in appreciating different perspectives and skills from anyone who is seated at the table.

How does this partnership benefit both organizations?

It builds on deeper connections across industry being that we are
stronger together. Qualified MWESB or BIPOC subcontractors who EC nsuccessfully collaborates with often become long-term subcontracting partners. If the relationship is mutually beneficial and profitable, we see great value in growing that relationship. EC mentors many of our smaller subcontractors by exposing them to project management processes they may not have access to due to their size or limited resources. In return, EC gains partners who are familiar with our culture of quality, collaboration and safety.