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AGENCY Reports

These reports are from various state, local and federal agencies that provide significant insight into activities and concerns related to utilizing minority businesses on construction projects:

ODOT Reports Related to American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

If you know of applicable agency reports not listed here, please contact us to add them to our library.


An NAMC-Oregon priority is to eliminate barriers to utilizing minority businesses on construction projects. We welcome any information that helps identify obstacles and issues that present such barriers. Please submit your issue by email at info@namc-oregon.com for consideration.

Disparity Studies

What is a disparity study? A constitutionally required predicate analysis that must be used as the basis for a public agency’s implementation of a race-conscious program intended to remedy the effects of historical discrimination. No one disputes that such discrimination has existed. The U.S. Supreme Court has even acknowledged this, saying that there is “no doubt that the sorry history of both private and public discrimination in this county has contributed to a lack of opportunities for black entrepreneurs.” Disparity studies assist agencies’ efforts to ensure that their programs are “narrowly tailored” to address the disparities identified in them. These disparity studies were conducted in Oregon; also included are the 2010 Transit Research Board Guidelines for Disparity Studies and other similar background documents:

Disparity Study Background

Port of Portland

City of Portland & Portland Development Commission

Oregon Department of Transportation


DBE Program Contacts

For more information on the DBE program in specific operating administrations:

Disparity Study Background