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NAMC-Oregon Resources

NAMC Resources

To provide a learning platform for NAMC-Oregon members to enhance business development, strengthen business acumen, and expand knowledge of the ever-evolving construction industry.

Professional Services


NAMC-Oregoncurrently serves as an advisor and contract consultant for regional agencies and the private sector on a variety of services. These include procurement assessment, business development, and relationship building on projects, with a focus on establishing inclusive contracting strategies and reducing barriers to participation.

As a consultant, NAMC-Oregonis able to provide equity analysis in capital improvement projects and housing development (public and private). This includes policies, project forecasting, procurement, equity plan creation and implementation, project administration, and reporting.

Owners Representative

NAMC-Oregon currently serves as an Owner’s Representative for the City of Gresham on the Rockwood Rising Project. As the Owner’s Representative, NAMC assists with project development, creation of Request for Proposals and contract documents, review of proposals and creation of proposer assessment processes, contract negotiations, equity plan creation, and implementation, project monitoring and committee representation, contract administration, and close out.

Contractors Representative

NAMC-Oregon previously served as the General Contractor’s Representative for the Oregon Convention Center Project. As the Contractor’s Representative, NAMC assists with project scoping, solicitation processes, barrier identification and mitigation, engagement of DMWESB firms, technical assistance to DMWESB firms, diverse workforce marketing, outreach, and partnership, project management coordination and mediation, reporting assistance, and performance satisfaction.

Support Services

NAMC University

NAMC University provides basic-level training on a variety of topics integral to business development, as well as advanced-level courses to continue building the capacity and capabilities of our members. NAMC University also provides pipeline opportunities for member engagement on real projects through its Earn While You Learn model which is collaborative in which Training Partners provide project-specific training for contractors engaged in their projects.

One-on-One Contractor Consultation and Technical Assistance (TA)

NAMC-Oregon provides one-on-one consultation and technical assistance to its Members on an as-needed, by-request basis. This includes contractor assessment, plan development to address deficiencies and maximize strengths, providing supplemental support on issues as identified or referral for outside services, monitoring of progress, and coaching to achieve optimal results. Fill out TA Form

Organizational Self Reflection Training and Evaluations

NAMC-Oregon provides training and evaluations to assist organizations in understanding internal systemic racism and the barriers it perpetuates to the exclusion of contractors of color. This includes project manager training on cultural competency in project administration, leadership level training on equity policies and an equity audit that allows organizations to assess pre- and post-project performance including an evaluation of missed opportunities and best practices for future projects.

Space Sharing

NAMC-Oregon offers flexible workspaces for our Members to hold meetings, take conference calls, or work in a satellite location away from their home offices. To make a reservation, please check out our NAMC-Oregon Members Space Sharing Calendar and contact


RFP_2201_Mill Park_ Best Value

This Request for Proposals (“RFP”) is issued by Raimore Construction to acquire the services of a Subcontractor for the Mill Park Development Project. Selection will be on a Best Value Basis. Click here


Contractor Assessment Form (construction)

This survey is designed for construction businesses and will take approximately 8-10 minutes to complete. This tool is helpful for the NAMC-Oregon Team to get to know you and your business at a more in-depth level. Click here


Business Assessment Form (non construction)

This survey is designed for non construction businesses and will take approximately 7-9 minutes to complete. This tool is helpful for the NAMC-Oregon Team to get to know you and your business at a more in-depth level. Click here




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